Thursday, June 23, 2005

Holy Shit! We're famous!

Well, not really. Meg is! A local celebrity I suppose!

So all of the sudden a google search of "peninsula anarchist collective" reveals a bunch of hits. Not bad! I hope people will get our message, which is basically a rather simple one. "We'd like our freedom and we'd like our autonomy!"

I'd like to discuss something I read today that affects all of us. Yes, even the police can relate to it.

Let's say you're sitting in your living room watching the latest episode of desperate housewives with your families (yes, even anarchists have families). There's a knock at the door and it's the police, you ask through the door (you dont expect us to open it do you???): "What is it?" and the reply is, "We're taking your house, looks like we need to make room for a strip mall!"

Christ! That's terrible, but you know what, thanks to you're elected leaders and the Supreme Court, governments (fed, state and local) now have the complete power to take away the house you live in. Yup, the house you or your folks struggled to buy. Poof, gone, why???? Cuz we're putting in a strip mall, its in the states "economic" interest that you get the fuck out of your house and surrender it to the developers.

Why Ken, you sound angry?

Damn right I am, why shouldn't I be? This is terrible, this kind of stuff should be illegal, this kind of stuff WAS ILLEGAL, and now this kind of stuff can happen to everyone!!!! Nope, we're not just bulldozing the ghetto these days, the laws been changed and now not even white people are safe!

That's right!! I'd like to welcome all the REAL americans to the party!

With changes like this, do you still think autonomy and free will (aka anarchism) are bad?

When you hear news like this, do you still think the anarchists have got it all wrong?

Anyways, there's a protest in Palo Alto this weekend. I'm not from Palo Alto but if they want to get together and voice their opinions, that's a good thing. The city belongs to them, the police need to remember who pays them as well! If they start beating up high school kids, maybe the good folks of palo alto will stop paying their taxes? OK, thats highly unlikely. But who knows.

And if your skin color ain't white, I suggest wearing running shoes!



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