Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Military Recruitment

A couple weeks ago we attended a discussion with Fernando Suarez del Solar. I had intended to write something sooner, however, for some reason I put it off.

Fernando Suarez del Solar is the father of one of the soldiers killed at the beginning of the Iraq war. His story by now is probably not that uncommon given that everyday we hear of more people being killed during the occupation. His story is touching none the less. He is Mexican and came here to California from Tijuana, BC Mexico. If anyone reading this has ever been to Tijuana they'd know why he left with his family.

Anyways, immigrant families generally tend not to have the same opportunities as those who have been here much longer and have assimilated. They are looked down upon by the ruling class, and seen as subhuman. No one thinks twice of asking them to do the most difficult manual labor. They are resented by the middle class, viewed as a leach on society. Yet, we have no problems asking them to go to fight a bullshit war to defend our lifestyle. To defend the right of Shell, Exxon-Mobil, BP and the rest to supply our insatiable appetites for oil.

Fernando was sincere in his speech. He spoke of the recruitment tactics used by your military to deceive his son and other people of color. He spoke of what he saw at the frontlines. I was pissed when i heard him say that ten of the 11 soldiers working the Faluja checkpoint were brown, with the only white person being the commanding officer. It shows me what this country thinks of us, and thinks of me. We're good enough to work and we're good enough to die. However we're not good enough to take advantage of simple necessities. In the past, during years of high immigration, money for education was increased, except now. I suppose we're not worth it.

I sat thinking about this reality for so many of my people here. For so many of the other poor and working class people regardless of their color. We're all fucked. Not just brown but the majority of whites, blacks and yellows as well. We are the ones who have the most to gain from embracing anarchist ideals. We have nothing to gain by providing the system with cannon fodder.

I'm writing my thoughts down in the hopes that other anarchists can get a glimpse into this reality that other normal poor and working class people face. Many of my own family members sign up and consider signing up because we just don't have the resources to continue with education or even the knowledge that there are other ways to move on without having to resort to supplying the country with warm bodies to kill. These are the people you fight for, don't lose sight of that. Don't lose sight of the goal: freedom and complete autonomy from this bullshit system for everyone.

Peninsula Anarchist Collective


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