Sunday, June 26, 2005

Solidarity Call Out From South Bay Mobilization for Anarchist Anti-War Protest

Many South Bay Mobilization (SBM) members were there last night [June 25th] to support the anti war protest and also the young people in Palo Alto [and the area] who are coming together to protest war. They are taking it to the street.

There were 400 police in anti-riot gear, it was an ARMY of police there from Morgan hill to Redwood City and all the area in between including Milpitas police compare to the # of the protesters.

I have several pictures of them in anti-riot gear, horses, helicopters, undercover police, motorcycles and 2 very big fire trucks to block the protestors and maybe use water pressure against the protesters (they parked two streets down from the plaza).

How will the police chief justify the expenses for this army to come out to scare these young kids mainly from high school?
We have to ask them.

I was happy to see we had so many SBM people there last night and I'm glad that many of us will be supporting those in the anti-war movement regardless of their strategy & tactics. By the way, I was on Channel 5 on the 11 o'clock news saying the same thing last night.

Last night was great, very spirited and full of energy with very good anti-war songs.

Police took 'Anarchist' sound system and I suggest to raise money for them to buy another sound system.

The anti-war music was great and at the last note it was the best entertainment on Saturday night in Palo Alto that we all ever had. It was lots of fun being with these young political people at an anti-war rally. Don't miss the next one on July 8th in SF anti G8 rally.

This was the most serious anti-war rally that I have attended. These kids were willing to sacrifice for their anti-war beliefs. They are not e-mail activist by any means!

They are taking it to the streets peacefully and forcefully and we have to support their efforts.
As an antiwar group we have to support them regardless of their tactics and strategy.

Vida of South Bay Mobilization.


SBM is a progressive group of activists from the San Jose area. I appreciate their call for solidarity with all trying to do away with the miserable conditions that are perpetuated on this earth by the institutions of power and the economic system of capitalism. As Martin Luther King said, whether you read Gandhi or Frantz Fanon, regardless of tactics, we must show solidarity with those who are posing a threat to the status quo. Solidarity between militants, like myself, and pacifists is a step towards a true “Rainbow Coalition,” the likes of which organizations like the Black Panther Party and Fred Hampton tried to create. I don’t care if I’m at risk of being called a Marxist, I’m just going to say what I feel: All Power to the People!

-Rob of Peninsula Anarchist Collective


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