Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Community Riots Against Nazis, Police

From Columbus, Ohio indy media:

Sunday, October 16, 2005

On October 15th, 2005 the National Socialist Movement (NSM) held a picket and march in northern Toledo, Ohio. The neighborhood the NSM planned to march in is an economically depressed predominately black area policed by a mainly white police force. The event was protested by members of various Anti-Racist Action chapters, the International Socialist Organization, and large numbers of people from the community itself. The ISO was dedicated to a non-violent approach while ARA was dedicated to disrupting the nazi march as much as possible. The nazis were forced to cancel their march after widespead rioting by members of the community.

Tensions were high that day, as large members of the community had stated they intended to disrupt the nazi march. Racial tensions were already high in the neighborhood as one white resident reportedly invited the NSM to have a rally there against "black violence" against him and other white members of the community. The community was angered by an already tense situation between the police and black members of the neighborhood and the city allowing a group of racists to insult them and march through their streets.

The day started at around 10am as approximately 100 people including members of the community, the ISO, and ARA protested a group of about 7 nazis standing on the lawn of a local high school. They were protected by an all-white force of police officers, some armed with semi-automatic rifles. Many of the officers were smiling and eventually forced the protestors across the street and brought in officers on bikes and horses to block the crowd on the sidewalk. Protestors used their phones to call their friends and family to come down and join them, and their numbers swelled.

As the nazis started their march people started throwing baseball-sized rocks at them and the police protecting them. The police were overwhelmed as the crowd surged forward and forced the nazis to retreat to their cars and leave the city. What followed was large-scale rioting against the police, with participants targeting police cars, media vehicles, and a military recruiter's vehicle.

Participants of the riot against the police numbered at least a thousand, and the severely outnumbered police force was forced to retreat as they were charged and pelted with stones and bottles. Many community members armed themselves with shovels and makeshift shields. Police cars were destroyed and officers on bicycles were attacked as they tried to make arrests. Large numbers of riot police in a shoulder-to-shoulder formation were driven back by the surging crowd. Community members shouted "Power to the people!" as they forced the police to retreat from their neighborhood. The police retreated and left their vehicles behind to have their windows shattered by advancing rioters.

The crowd was very diverse. Young and old, black and white fought together despite mainstream media claims that the participants were "mostly young black males" and "gang members". Whites and blacks fought side by side against the fascists and the police protecting them that day. Many anti-fascists who had come to counter the NSM joined with the community in their fight. It should be noted that the out of towners did not play an escalating role, and only played a supporting role in activities the community members were engaged in.

Over 100 people were arrested, and mainstream media reports 12 police officers were injured, although the number is probably much higher. One officer was in the hospital with a concussion after a brick came through her window and hit her in the head. Several of the anti-racist participants were also injured. One person was struck by a police SUV with shattered windows as it tried to escape the barrage of stones. The protestor got away with minor injuries.

The crowds dispersed later that day and the city declared a state of emergency and an 8pm curfew enforced on selected neighborhoods in the "problem" area. 20 people were arrested on curfew violations that night as over 100 officers patrolled the small neighborhood in North Toledo.

The NSM planned on marching against "black violence" and said they would "stand up to the gangs" in the neighborhood. They showed that they are disorganized and weak. When large numbers of people come out to oppose them they put their tail between their legs and run home to Virginia. The fractured white supremecist movement must be opposed every day like they were in Toledo. They are weak, divided, and we must oppose them every time their show their faces in public.

Johnny Ignit Antifa


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