Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ward Churchill Speaks on Developing a Strategy to Win

Ward Churchill Anti-Imperialist, American Indian & Author on:

Developing a Strategy to Win

Sunday March 19 6:30pm
San Jose Unitarian Universalist Church
160 N. 3rd St. San Jose, CA

"The nature of the criminality in which the U.S. engages... translates into piles and piles and piles of rotting, stinking corpses all over the planet... and perpetually."

Labeled "controversial" by politicians and pundits alike, Ward Churchill's scholarship endures the test of time. Rational, angry, yet ultimately hopeful, his is a leading voice against the ongoing genocide perpetrated on Native American peoples and the international crimes of the US government. Intellectually cogent while remaining accessible to the general reader, Churchill will challenge you to think, and the act, in the fight for justice waged since Predator came in 1492.

Sponsored by: Peninsula Anarchist Collective, MEChA, Muslim Student Movement, Justice for Palestinians and AK Press